grey square Sample Poems

The Effects of Sunset

                                        Iron Shore, Montego Bay, 1974

At the edge of the yard, the grass thinning
to white sand speckled with the shadows
of late afternoon, the insects-waxy, black

heretics with beetle-like shells-could be found
avoiding the surf, and who but that small boy
could summon such a scream, that lion cub

in the desert, that whimpering Prophet in training?
In Judea, the insects bandaged the rotting wood
(or were they devouring it?), their slick

carapace without even a trace of sand.
One might say these insects swarmed,
but they were not bees, they carried

nothing sweet in their husks.
Exoticism, the late light, O summer—
a foot away, the water was dark, getting darker.